Long time no type

by Sally on July 2, 2015

Good news – my day job and I parted ways, so now I’m a full-time music maker (along with a couple of other things that will actually pay the bills…) But this does mean we’ll be doing a bit more touring and also putting out records more frequently, the first of which is coming out on September 22nd! It’s called ‘Later Than You Think’ and it’s coming out on sweet, sweet vinyl… the first album of mine that can make that claim. So, that’s kind of a milestone for me.

Track listing for ‘Later Than You Think’ is as follows:

Side A:
What You Do
Chase Tornado
Later Than You Think
Needle In The Groove
Look Back Down

Side B:
Only Luck Can Save Us Now
Come In No. 9
The Payback
Looking At The Moon

And here is the cover:


Once again, we were lucky enough to be able to use one of Tim Crowder’s super cool paintings for a record sleeve (2011’s ‘Transmit/Receive’ also featured a Crowder painting). Register me a fan. Tim is a great guy (according to my dealings with him, and his Facebook posts) and if you’re ever in Memphis, you should check out his work.

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