Making Plans For Nigel

by Sally on March 9, 2013

When I rescued a stripey stray kitten in 2007, George and I decided to call him Nigel, after the XTC song (and also to ensure he knew he was English).  He survived a house fire in 2009, and my following 6 changes in temporary address within a 9 month period, without a scratch.  Photos and videos of him being loved on and groomed by his canine pal Riley have been giving my Facebook friends diabetes for years.  Nigel was happy in his world.

In 2012, however, his luck turned.  In two separate accidents (hit by cars we assume, but he won’t tell us the details), he broke his jaw and some teeth, shattered his back leg and lost sight in one eye. Many months and 7000 (borrowed) dollars later, he has a permanent metal plate and 26 screws in his leg, a lop-sided but mostly functional jaw and everyone who visits asking “What’s up with his eye?!!”  He has to be an indoor cat now of course, something the squirrels, lizards and birds of 78723 are probably more appreciative of than he is.

Anyway, that’s the back story as to how, with the generous help of the extended Sudden Moves family (Doug Gillard is on guitar, Louie Lino recorded/produced/mixed), we came to record our version of ‘Making Plans For Nigel’. You can download the track for $1, but feel free to kick in more if you want.  All proceeds go towards Nigel’s surgery bills.


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