You can call it a comeback if you like

by Sally on October 9, 2012

It seems unbelievable to me that the last Sally Crewe & The Sudden Moves show was over a year ago.  Time flies!  But despite not playing live (in this band, at least), it’s been a productive and busy year.  I moved house, played a lot of drums, sang on a !!! (Chk Chk Chk) recording, broke a finger (one of mine, unfortunately), wrote a song for a play, designed some web sites, did some voice acting work for a film, wrote/home-recorded a ton of new songs and worked a lot of long days/nights of tech support so I could save money for the next batch of recording.  Kickstarter is for pussies.

And finally, I’m really happy to announce that we’re breaking our live hiatus and playing in Austin on November 14th, at Sahara Lounge.  There will be a new Sally Crewe record of some description by May 2013.  There will also be an EP from Persian Wars (with me on drums/backing vocs) even sooner than that.

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