Transmit + Receive

by Sally on July 27, 2011

We were lucky enough to be granted permission by artist Tim Crowder to use one of his amazing paintings for the sleeve of our upcoming EP.  The painting, created in oil, enamel and embroidery on paper, is called ‘Transmit + Receive’, and I found out about it having already decided to call our upcoming EP ‘Transmit/Receive’… (out Aug 30th). On top of the (nearly) identical names we’d both chosen for our work, Tim’s painting appears (to me… I could be wrong) to be conveying the same point I was also alluding to with the title: that thoughts are being transmitted and received constantly, whether we’re conscious of it or not.  The moral?  Think good ones, otherwise the birds get confused.

Check out more of Tim’s work here:


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